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     LIFESTYLE DESIGN offers homeowners high quality, residential landscape design and advocacy. As a homeowner, you may have desired a landscape and garden that not only enhances and improves your home's appearance and character, but you may also wish to make that landscape more responsive to your individual lifestyle and character.

     This is where I come in! As an experienced landscape architect, dedicated to developing design solutions for homeowners for nearly 30 years, I will work with you to achieve all that you desire from the property surrounding your home. I will work closely with you to identify:

  • Your home's architectural, regional and neighborhood context

  • Your property's limitations and opportunities

  • Your personal lifestyle and desires

  • A realistic budget

  • And a timeframe in which to accomplish your landscape

I will provide you with:

  • Stamped, scaled drawings of the design that we come up with

  • Material schedules and cost estimates (if desired)

  • Personally approved contractors to submit your drawings for bids

  • Optionally, I can provide Project Observation to insure that the design that we have developed is installed properly

Let's discuss your project!

Start planning your Home!
So you can start living the dream!
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3534 Joyce v1.7-C1-Concept Plan.jpg
3534 Joyce v1.7-C2-Concept Renderings.jpg
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