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Privacy Policy

It is the policy of Eric R. McQuiston, LLC to protect the privacy of clients, customers and members. At no time and under no condition will Eric. R McQuiston, LLC share, sell or otherwise make available personal or business information to any third parties for any reason. Only other members of this website may view shared information.


Membership is a free service provided by Eric R. McQuiston, LLC to participate in this online community. This is NOT a public social media site. 

Any member may for any reason delete or remove their profile from the site at anytime.

Terms of Use

Members may use this site to participate in the Forum etc. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a polite, friendly and helpful manner. Every member has the ability to report inappropriate behavior, please do so!

Members may not use this site for direct marketing purposes. If a professional, contractor or supplier has an interesting product or service or project, I would encourage you to share it with the community. But please refrain from posting advertising messages, coupons, deals or other such nonsense!

I also ask that professionals, contractors and suppliers refrain from contacting other members directly unless that member clearly requests a service, product or material that you supply.


Let's keep it fun and informative!


Failure to abide by these terms will result in action by myself, up to removal from the community. 

Privacy & Terms Of Use

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