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Contractor Services


     Hiring a designer for your company can be very costly. Training them can be even costlier! What if you could meet with your client, gather some basic site and project information and let them know that your architect will have a professional, scaled, full color design for their approval within a week?

      With over 30 years of hands-on experience in the design/build sector, I am your go-to partner for exceptional landscape design services specifically tailored to landscape contractors like yourself no matter your level of experience. With an extensive background in designing and building captivating outdoor spaces, I offer an unparalleled blend of expertise that seamlessly combines creativity and practicality. My effortless approach ensures that the design process becomes a smooth and efficient process, allowing you to focus on your business with confidence the design work will reflect your individual skill set and unique style.

      I understand the pivotal role of timeliness in the arena of landscape contracting. My commitment to delivering designs promptly ensures that you will receive the drawings that you need, when you need them, keeping your sales pipeline on track and minimizing any disruptions. Moreover, My dedication to cost effectiveness redefines value in the industry. By providing cost-efficient and budget conscious design solutions, I empower contractors, like yourself, to elevate your customer's satisfaction while keeping budgets and bottom line intact, making Eric R. McQuiston, LLC an indispensable asset to the success of your company.

The process could not be simpler:


1. Provide basic site information (See Info Form) along with the clients and/or your desires.


2. Indicate the extent of the design services (Scaled Color rendered Schematic Plans to construction layouts with details and specifications)


3. You will receive a quote for design services from me.


4. Upon acceptance an invoice will be sent and work will begin when the invoice is paid in full.


5. You will receive the design in a PDF format within a few days (depending upon scope of the project).



Every design will feature your logo and contact information if you choose.

Get started by downloading my simple site info form.

In the interest of full and transparent pricing, feel free to download my latest Fee Schedule.

Sample Work

(with approximate flat-fee pricing)
EAST ST v1.0-24x36.jpg
Schematic Design ($1,200)
Schematic Design ($750)
3534 Joyce v1.7-C1-Concept Plan.jpg
Schematic Design ($900)

Irrigation Design

Irrigation Sample 01.jpg
Irrigation Design ($1,200) - Note 'Zones' in this drawing indicate HOA defined areas.

3D Rendering

renderings 304.jpg
Conceptual 3D Rendering from Conceptual Design (Conceptual Design + $750)
Conceptual 3D Rendering from Conceptual Design (Conceptual Design + $750)
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