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DESIGN ON DEMAND offers every Landscape Contractor, large and small, the advantage of their very own, in house design department without the overhead costs associated with hiring a full time designer. You can now provide your clients high quality CAD generated designs and renderings from an experienced and licensed landscape architect as needed in a fraction of the time that you may spend on designing it yourself.


Simply provide some basic measurements, photos and a description of what you and your client are looking for; and in short order you will be provided with:


  • High Quality color rendered schematic designs to illustrate your vision

  • Optional 3D 'Photo-Realistic' renderings of the design, even video!

  • Construction drawings of:

    • Plantings​

    • Hardscapes

    • Drainage & Grading

    • Irrigation

    • Lighting

    • More...

  • Each drawing offering dimensional layout, material schedules, construction details and estimated costs as needed or required.

  • Drawings will carry your company information and logo.

  • All drawings will be provided in PDF format for you to present to your client or have printed at your local print shop.

Sample Work

(with approximate flat-fee pricing)
EAST ST v1.0-24x36.jpg
Schematic Design (approx. $1,200)
Conceptual Design (approx. $750)
3534 Joyce v1.7-C1-Concept Plan.jpg
Conceptual Design (approx. $900)

Irrigation Design

Irrigation Sample 01.jpg
Irrigation Design (approx. $1,200) - Note 'Zones' in this drawing indicate HOA defined areas.

3D Rendering

renderings 304.jpg
Conceptual 3D Rendering from Conceptual Design (approx. Conceptual Design + $750)
Conceptual 3D Rendering from Conceptual Design (approx. Conceptual Design + $750)
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