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Eric R. McQuiston, LLC

I am a Licensed and Insured Landscape Architect and Garden Designer offering signature landscape architectural and lifestyle design solutions to all.    Based in the uniquely vibrant, sub-tropical landscape of South-East Louisiana, I have developed nearly 30 years of professional experience and expertise that transcends borders to serve clients throughout Louisiana and across North America and beyond.      I specializes in delivering exceptional, environmentally sustainable yet pragmatic and budget friendly landscape and garden design solutions to a diverse clientele, encompassing residential, commercial, institutional, and municipal projects. My approach seamlessly combines creativity with practicality. I strive to provide realistic solutions for those seeking innovative, functional and budget sensitive landscape solutions.      Among the most popular design services that I offer are Residential Design for Homeowners, Project Design for Contractors & Developers, Permit Drawings for Business owners, and Project Visioning for Private and Public Clients.  Over time I have cultivated strong relationships with contractors and suppliers ensuring an effortless experience in the development of your own outdoor environment. If you want a truly exceptional outdoor environment, call me first. I am commited to be your advocate in achieving your vision. So, Let's get started!

For Homeowners

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     For homeowners seeking to improve and enhance their surroundings, I offer a personalized approach to crafting dreamscapes that perfectly align with your vision and lifestyle. I call it Lifestyle Design. My meticulous attention to detail ensures that every element - from vibrant plantings to exquisite hardscapes - harmonizes seamlessly, resulting in a place of functionality, tranquility and beauty.

     I will work with you to develop your ideal landscape or garden solution and act as your personal advocate at all times. I am happy to work with your own contractor or provide references to many reputable contractors that I have a solid working relationship with. 

For Contractors


The 'Landscapers Architect'

     Having spent decades in the Design/Build industry and as a licensed landscape contractor myself, I understand and appreciate the vital role contractors play in realizing exceptional projects. I have been in your boots. Unlike many of my architect colleagues, I have actually built almost everything I design. From extensive plantings to hardscapes, irrigation, drainage and lighting; I have dug the holes, laid the pavers, glued the pipe and wired the lights.  I lean on that practical experience when I provide design solutions for my contractor clients.

     No matter where you are located, I can use my experience and cutting edge design technology to produce compelling, professional designs and renderings that will make you stand out from the competition. I am also happy to advise and consult with you and your team on any landscape construction issues that you may have questions about. I am on your side... I am your architect, and for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone full time.

For Business


     I provide a full range of landscape architectural solutions tailored to business owners. My offerings encompass tree surveys, permit drawings, and customer experience planning and design. Whether you're looking for expert assistance with your landscape or planning requirements or you wish to offer your clients, and their customers, a one-of-a-kind experience, I have you covered. Don't wait until the last minute – reach out today and avoid the permitting hassle!

For Developers


     Unlock your project's potential with my expertise in project visioning. Whether it's creating conceptual renderings, site planning, design, or addressing elements like planting, hardscape, drainage, and irrigation, I play a pivotal role in translating your vision into actionable plans. With experience spanning small retail commercial projects, apartment and condo developments, to large-scale municipal planning, I bring valuable insights to every aspect of your project.


Read About It!

     In addition to comprehensive design services, I feel blessed to share my knowledge and experience through informative blog articles focused on the landscape and garden industry. And for those looking to dive deeper into the landscape business, I am developing online educational opportunities tailored to designers, contractors, and homeowners.


     Don't forget to explore the "shop" section, where you can discover a delightful array of fun & functional landscape-related merchandise and downloadable, adaptable design solutions in the form of Lifestyle Vignettes.



Pricing is variable depending on scope of service.

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