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Eric R. McQuiston, LLC offers high quality landscape and garden design services to home owners, contractors, and allied design professionals throughout Louisiana and Most of the United States.

As a licensed landscape architect, landscape horticulturist and irrigation contractor with over 30 years of education and professional experience I can provide high quality landscape design solutions for almost any situation. From full residential landscape garden designs to customized design solutions for landscape contractors to compliant permit drawings for business owners, I can help to develop a solution for you and your unique situation.

Feel free to give me a call, text or drop an email. I am happy to assist you with your needs!

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We all have our own individual desires for our home landscape. It may be that you simply want a neat, tidy and easy to maintain setting for your home. While others may desire a more functional landscape that accommodates outdoor entertainment or recreation.

Whatever you may want your home landscape to be, I can help by answering your questions, offering advice, establishing realistic budgets, developing design solutions and assisting in the implementation of those designs.

I offer virtual or on site consultations. Give me a call or email if you have any questions or to learn more!

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As a landscape contractor, you have probably spent years developing your business. You have spent an incredible amount of time and effort to set yourself apart from all the others in the excellent service that you provide to your customers. You are proud of what you have accomplished and you may be ready to take that service to the next level by offering customized, professional design services.

You are probably also aware of the expense involved in hiring a designer, let alone an architect. Hiring a full time designer means that you must increase sales enough to offset the added overhead expense that the designer position creates.

In the best case scenario, the designer adds efficiency, professionalism and leadership that enhances and advances your business.

Worst case, the designer does not understand your business model and ends up costing more than they are being paid.

To fill the gap, I offer Design On Demand.

Design On Demand offers the landscape contractor the ability to provide their clients with attractive, high quality, and effective landscape designs at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time designer.

Licencinsing, continuing education, office space and administration are all taken care of on my end.  


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Whether it is a new home build, a commercial development or something more, chances are that you will be required to provide a landscape solution.

Attractive landscape that responds to the character of the neighborhood, architecture of the building or unique site conditions can make a significant difference in sales price and satisfaction of your customers.

I can help you to achieve a unique, successful and attractive landscape solution that will not only make your development, building or home build even more successful and marketable, but also help you to avoid the difficulties that may result from achieving municipal permitting, customer call backs or even the irritating negative social media posts.

I offer practical and affordable real world solutions. And the earlier you have me involved, the better the end result!

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I believe the best developments are those that respond to the environment as well as the community, end users and, of course, the developer themselves.

I can offer environmentally responsible and cost effective development solutions that will ensure the long-term success of any project that you may undertake; whether it be commercial, institutional, or residential in nature.

I am confident that, should you allow me the opportunity to advise and advocate for you, as the developer, I can assist in making your project process smoother and far more successful.

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As a former Realtor I understand the real estate industry and the challenges that you, as professionals, face on a daily basis.

Be it offering simple, and effective, outdoor staging and marketing solutions to you, or assisting your clients in realizing the possible limitations and amazing potentials offered by any property. I can help in making the most overgrown, ignored or neglected listings into easily marketable and livable homes.

Simple cost effective solutions can make a significant difference in closing price. Identifying these quick fixes can make a difference. A big difference!


I would be happy to meet with you, your team or your entire office to offer solutions and answer questions. I will bring the doughnuts! Give me a call!

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