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3D Rendering

LB 02.jpg
3D Rendering provides an image of what the designer is trying to achieve. 3D Modeling and Rendering can be time consuming and often requires additional information in the form of photographs, geo-location, and other site specific information.
As with any artistic work, a rendering should be considered ONLY as a suggestion of the finished design and a visual reference for the contractor.

The following are some examples of 3D models that I have recently rendered.


Louisiana Poolscape

The design of this poolscape was driven by the clients desires and their existing site and home.

I designed the pool, the cabana structure and the surrounding landscape plantings, drainage and irrigation.

This design has been built...and they love it!


Entry Garden & Hardscape

This front hardscape and garden was designed by a very talented colleague of mine in Pennsylvania. Her amazing  design incorporates natural and manmade materials to achieve an accessible entry to the home.  I took her simple 2D design and rendered it as an attractive 3D watercolor image.


I think that it expresses the design intent wonderfully.

She sold the work. The client was super happy!

WR Marshall Landscape 01.jpg
LL 07.jpg


Riverfront Park

I designed this riverfront park that incorporated an event stage, seating, parking and food truck accommodations. for a local municipality. 

The rendering is raw with no filters and was incorporated in the municipality's marketing campaign.


Municipal Park

An artistic rendering of a portion of the design that I did for a large municipal park.

The designs for this park I did in AutoCad and modeled and Rendered the images with other applications.

The municipality included this image in their marketing campaign.

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